Beauty salon

Beauty salon

Skilfully selected interior details, sophisticated fragrances surrounding the studio, light pleasant music, the master’s precise graceful movements – in everything you feel harmony and love. Love for work, love for what surrounds you, love for beauty and peace.


We offer the best hairdressing services! There are coloring by Balayage, Ombre, women’s and men’s haircuts, bio perm for hair. We provide hair regeneration: botox for hair. Wedding hairstyle and evening hairstyle. We have english speaking hairdressers and hair stylist in Prague. Our hair salon offer the best haircut and hairstyle in Prague. The best hair color salon in Prague for ombre and balayage!

Hair salon price list

Ladies haircut

haircut+ blow+ styling: 700-800 CZK

Hair colouring

Hair colouring Matrix: from 1050 CZK

Coloring Ombre/Balayage/ Dye hair Ombre

with decolorizing powder or color: from 2000 CZK

Evening hairstyle

wedding hairstyle: from 2000 CZK

Men’s haircut

haircut + blow dry + hair wash + styling: 400-500 CZK


​We offer beauty services: peeling, skin cleaning (manual, ultrasonic or combined), massage and facial masks. Luxury facial and neckline massage, alginate masks.

Cosmetology price list

Basic facial cosmetic treatment

Facial skin care includes make-up removal, peeling, cleaning (manual, ultrasonic or combined) massage and mask

880 CZK

Express treatment

Suitable for normal skin type with no signs of inflammation, even for young skin. Includes: econtamination, cleansing, atraumatic cleansing, relaxing or regenerating face mask

500 CZK

Complete face care for men

includes make-up removal, peeling, cleaning (manual, ultrasonic or combined) massage and Antistress face mask

650-880 CZK

Care for mature skin anti-aging effect + 35

For the 35+ age groups basic treatment: make-up removal, peeling, cleaning, peeling + cosmetics with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It allows you to maintain the youth and beauty of your skin. The treatments are aimed at smoothing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and shine.

1050 CZK

Ultrasonic skin cleansing

includes make-up removal, peeling, ultrasonic cleaning, cold hydration, serum + mask, cream. For all skin types, it does not leave skin irritated and red.

800 CZK