About us

– Relaxation in the middle of the city? Yes, it’s possible! We are happy to invite you into our luxurious space Matahari Spa Club just a couple of steps from the Wenceslav’s square. From now, you don’t have to rush somewhere into a suburb but you can enjoy the full relaxation in the city center. We offer a wide range of services in our beauty salon, relaxation in our whirlpools, warming up your body in our saunas and of course we also think about your muscles, which you can have taken care of by our professional masseuses and yoga instructors.. The reception, payment by card or euros are the standards. Moreover, you can also get a refresh in our bar.

We are looking forward to seeing you
Matahari Spa Club team

Choose a package to suit your taste. We offer a whirlpool and massages.