Hawaiian massage Lomilomi

Traditional Hawaiian massage comes from the Hawaiian islands and it is said that this treatment is the queen of all massage styles. It is based on numerous techniques which vary greatly in comparison with the classic massage. The standard procedure is focused gradually on each muscle with local pressure (done mostly by thumbs, fingers or palms) whereas the Hawaiian massage is a more complex treatment. More specifically, the whole back or limbs are massaged with the whole forearm. Therefore, this is very relaxing and one has a feeling of affectionate care. ( Lomilomi could be translated as love hands).


We use for the massage highly quality oil with an exotic and pleasant smell of rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. Therefore the massage is a unique experience with a touch of magic. It can send you into a relaxing paradise and you feel like a new person afterward.

60 min / 1450,- Kč

90 min / 1850,- Kč

Classic massage

The classic massage takes away tiredness and levels up regeneration of the whole body. It treats stiffness and sore muscles. The treatment includes a harder massage touch which releases lactic acid from the muscles and relaxes the skin tension. Moreover, the blood circulation is energized and tissues are nourished. In a case of swelling or swollen limbs, this procedure also helps.


Effects of the massage

  • The sweat and sebaceous glands are released on the surface of the skin
  • The stiff muscles are relaxed
  • The massage influences the nervous system, blood and lymphatic system positively
  • The body gets rid off toxic substances more quickly

For the classic massage, we use organic coconut oil.


60 min / 1350,- Czk

90 min / 1750,- Czk

Aromatic massage

Aromatic massage is the whole body treatment, from the toes to hair. One is stimulated by a combination of variation of techniques and senses. The body and mind are completely relaxed. The aromatic massage includes techniques from the classic massage and reflex massage. This treatment is soft, pleasant and painless. We use a mixture of essential oils according to a chosen therapeutic effect and one’s mental state.

60 min / 1450,- czk

90 min / 1850,- czk