Most of us understand the term “yoga” mainly as asana practice (physical exercise). From this view yoga can be defined as a set of practices with the power to detoxify the body, increase stamina and strengthen the nervous system. Among the countless benefits of regular yoga practice are a flexible and strong body, being at ease, stress relief, inner peace and overall balance, more energy and vitality, reduction of weight and many others.

Yoga can be practiced by anyone from children to elderly people that is the beauty of it. The important part is to find style of Yoga suitable for you, and regular time to practice. If you are new to Yoga it is recommended to start with some Introduction classes so that you can try different approaches until find one you can stay with. Then you can gradually make your way to more advanced classes.

When practiced regularly for a long time, this ages old discipline leads to harmony of body & mind and to self discovery.


We offer private classes for individuals or groups of students. For more information and bookings please contact us Tel: 775 553 878.

60 minute class
1 person        =   1,000 CZK / lesson (or 10 lessons 6,000 CZK – validity 4 months)
2 to 3 people = 1,500 CZK / lesson (or 10 lessons 10.000 CZK – validity 4 months)

90 minute class
1 person        = 1,400 CZK / lesson (or 10 lessons 8,000 CZK – validity 4 months)
2 to 3 people = 2,000 CZK / lesson (or 10 lessons 13,000 CZK – validity 4 months)